您同意并理解本协议中所包含的信息和材料 本网站暗示并构成您的同意 遵守下列条款和条件. You also agree that Geojit Financial services can modify or alter the terms and conditions of the use of this service without any liability.
The content of the site and the interpretation of data are solely the personal views of the contributors. Geojit Financial services reserves the right to make modifications and alterations to the content of the website. Users are advised to use the data for the purpose of information only and rely on their own judgment while making investment decisions. The investments 讨论或推荐可能并不适合所有皇冠者. Geojit Financial services does not warranty the timeliness, accuracy or quality of the electronic content.
The content of the website cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, 张贴、传送或分发任何 非个人使用未经Geojit事先许可,皇冠手机app保留 the right to terminate the accounts of subscribers/customers, who violate the proprietary 权利,除了必要的法律行动.
Geojit Financial services and its owners/affiliates are not liable for damages caused by any performance, failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in transmission or operations, 计算机病毒、通信线路故障和未经授权的访问 personal accounts. Geojit金融服务不负责任何技术 failure or malfunctioning of the software or delays of any kind. We are also not responsible for non-receipt of registration details or e-mails. Users shall bear all responsibility of keeping the password secure. Geojit金融服务不负责 密码丢失或误用.
Geojit金融服务不负责 for the content of any of the linked sites. 通过提供访问其他网站的权限, Geojit金融服务既不推荐也不认可这些内容 available in the linked websites.
You agree that the information gathered from your profile will be used to 提升你在网站上的体验. We will 不出租或出售资料给任何第三方. In case of a contest or a promotion scheme, we reserve the right to share the users profile with the sponsors. In the event of necessary credit checks and collection of payments, Geojit Financial services can disclose such information to other authorities in good faith. Geojit 金融服务将使用全部或任何部分服务,并更改条款 without any obligation.
The stock exchange, Mumbai is not in any manner answerable, responsible or 对任何人的任何行为负责 遗漏或委托、错误、错误和/或皇冠手机端下载、代理伙伴 etc., of any of the Rules, regulations, bye-laws of the Stock Exchange Mumbai, SEBI Act or any other laws in force from time to time.
孟买证券交易所不承担任何责任 本网站或任何服务的信息 由皇冠手机app,皇冠手机app的雇员和仆人提供.
Services of the Company displayed or available herein are for information and 不构成买卖要约 or a solicitation in this regard made to any person. It is only available to NRIs residing in jurisdictions permitting investment in and trading of Indian 印度证券交易所的证券. 该服务不提供给任何 person 或者是任何地方、州、州的公民、居民, country or other jurisdiction, where availing of such services would be contrary to any applicable law or regulation of that jurisdiction or which would subject the Company, its Directors, employees, associates, subsidiaries and/or affiliates to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction
If you do not agree to any of the terms mentioned in this agreement, you should exit the site.
Research Disclaimer
皇冠手机端下载(前称Geojit BNP Paribas),是一家 publically listed company, is engaged in services of retail broking, portfolio management and marketing investment products including mutual funds, life & 一般保险和财产之类的 prepares and shares research data and reports periodically with clients, investors, stake 股东和公众遵守证券交易委员会的规定 of 《皇冠手机端下载》,1992年,印度证券交易委员会(研究分析师) Regulations, 2014 and/or any other applicable directives, instructions or guidelines issued by the Regulators from time to time.
Research report is a written or electronic communication that includes research 分析、研究建议或意见 concerning securities or public offer, providing a basis for investment decisions. The views expressed therein are based solely on information available publicly/internal 据信为真实的数据/其他可靠来源. The information is provided merely as a complementary service and do not constitute an offer, solicitation 用于购买或出售任何金融工具、引诱、承诺、 guarantee, 保证,或作为任何交易或合同的正式确认 any kind.
Research data and reports published/ emailed/ text messaged via Short Messaging 服务,在线信使,WhatsApp等 transmitted through mobile application/s, including but not limited to FLIP™, Video Widget, telephony networks, print or electronic media and or those made 可在社交网站上使用/上传.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) by Geojit Financial Services Limited (hereinafter Geojit), or those recommendation or offers or opinions concerning securities or public offer which are expressed as and during the course of “Public Appearance” are for informational purposes only. The reports are provided for assistance and are not intended to be and 难道不能单独作为皇冠决策的基础吗. The user assumes the entire risk of any use made of this information. Though disseminated to clients simultaneously, not all clients may receive the reports at the same time. GEOJIT will not treat recipients as clients by virtue of their receiving this report.
The reports include projections, forecasts and other predictive statements which 代表GEOJIT的假设和期望 根据现有的资料. These projections and forecasts 基于行业趋势、环境和涉及风险的因素, variables and uncertainties. 公司的实际业绩 represented 报告中的内容可能与预计的有所不同. The projections and forecasts described in this reports should be evaluated keeping in mind the fact that these :
Are subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies.
Will vary from actual results and such variations may increase over a period of time.
Are not scientifically proven to guarantee certain intended results.
没有作为保证而公布,也没有携带任何证据 value
Prospective investors and others are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not predictions and may be subject to change without notice. Reports based on technical analysis is focused on studying charts and movements of the securities’ price movement trading volume etc., as opposed to focusing on a company or commodity's fundamentals and as such, 可能不符合这样的基本面报告. Though we review the research reports for any untrue statements of material facts or any false or misleading information, , we do not represent that it is accurate or complete and it should not be relied on in connection with a commitment or contract whatsoever. Because 人类,技术或机械错误的可能性,皇冠手机app的来源 transmission of Reports/Data, we do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or availability of any information and are not to be held responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. Geojit and/or its Affiliates and its officers, directors and employees including the analysts/authors shall not be in any way responsible for any indirect, special or consequential damages that may arise to any person from any inadvertent error in the information contained in the reports nor do they take guarantee or assume 对其中所载资料的任何遗漏承担责任. Information contained therein cannot be the basis for any claim, demand or cause of action. 这些数据、报告和信息不构成科学出版物 and do not carry any evidentiary value whatsoever.
这些报告不供公开分发. Reproduction or dissemination, 直接或间接,研究数据和 reports of Geojit in any form is prohibited except with the written permission of Geojit. 需要有报告的人 to observe these restrictions. 其中所表达的意见是皇冠手机app的意见 opinion 仅从报告上显示的日期起. Data may be subject to update and correction without notice. While we endeavor to update on a reasonable basis the information discussed in the reports, there may be regulatory, compliance, 或者其他阻止皇冠手机app这样做的原因.
The reports do not take into account the particular investment objectives, 财务状况,风险状况或需求 individual clients. The user assumes the entire risk of any use made of this information. 报告的每一个接受者都应该进行这样的调查 deemed necessary to arrive at an independent evaluation of an investment in the securities of companies/commodities referred to in such reports (including the merits and risks involved).
Certain transactions - futures, options and other derivatives as well as non-investment grade securities - involve substantial 风险并不是适合所有的皇冠者. Investors may lose his/her entire 在一定市场条件下的皇冠. Before acting on any advice or recommendation 在此材料中,皇冠者应考虑其是否适合自己 particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek professional advice. The price 以及研究报告中提及的皇冠价值和收益 them may fluctuate. 期权的交易成本可能很大 strategies calling for multiple purchase and sales of options. Foreign currencies denominated 有价证券受汇率波动的影响,汇率波动可能对证券产生影响 adverse effect on the value or price of or income derived from the investment. Investors in securities such as ADRs, the value of which are influenced by foreign currencies effectively assume currency risk.
The recommendations in the reports are based on 12 month horizon, unless otherwise specified. The investment ratings are 在绝对正/负回报的基础上. It is possible that due to volatile price fluctuation in the near to medium term, there could be a temporary mismatch to rating. 由于估值/回报/缺乏清晰度/事件的原因,皇冠手机app可能 revisit rating at appropriate time. 证券总是带有风险 upgraded 买进或降级为持有、减持或卖出. The opinions expressed in the 报告可能会更改,但皇冠手机app没有义务告诉客户 when 皇冠手机app的意见或建议会改变. 报告不具包容性,但确实如此 not consider all the information that the recipients may consider material to investments. Geojit发布的报告没有任何内容 liability/undertaking/commitment 就其本身或其任何实体而言.
研究报告的接受者应该假设Geojit的实体可能 收取佣金、经纪费用或其他费用 来自与主题相关的公司或公司的补偿 of the reports. We and our affiliates, officers, directors, and employees, including persons involved in the preparation or issuance of reports/data/material, may, from time to time have 'long' or 'short' positions in, act as principal in, and buy or sell the securities thereof of company or companies that are connected to the subject of the reports mentioned therein or be engaged in any other transaction involving such securities and earn brokerage or other compensation or act as market maker in the financial instruments of the company/ies that are connected to the subject of the reports or act as advisor or lender/borrower to such company/ies or have other potential conflicts of interests with respect to any recommendation and related information and opinions.
No disciplinary action has been taken against the research analyst 或Geojit与他们各自相关的任何权威机构 business activity.
Geojit, Research analysts, persons reporting to research analysts 他们的亲属可能有经济利益和物质利益 公司的利益冲突与主体有关 the reports.
Geojit, Research analysts, persons reporting to research analysts and their relatives may have actual/beneficial ownership of 1% or morein companies connected to the subject of the reports 在公布日期的紧接前一个月 this research report.
Past performance is not a guide for future performance, future returns are not 担保和皇冠者可能会蒙受损失 这可能会超过他们的原始资本.
The securities described herein may not be eligible for sale in all 司法管辖区或所有类别的皇冠者. Distributing/taking/sending/dispatching/transmitting 本文件在某些外国司法管辖区可能受法律限制 persons into whose possession this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe any such restrictions. 未遵守此限制 may constitute a violation of any foreign jurisdiction laws.
用户应该咨询他们自己的顾问,以确定优点和风险 of 请阅读《皇冠手机端下载》 Documents for Capital Markets and Derivative Segments as prescribed by Securities and Exchange Board of India before investing in the Indian Markets
您同意并理解本协议中所包含的信息和材料 website 暗示并构成你的同意 遵守下列条款和条件. You also agree that Geojit Financial 服务可以修改或改变使用本服务的条款和条件 without any liability.
    We at Geojit Financial Services Ltd and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as ‘Geojit’) are committed to protect our customers’ personal information and/or sensitive personal data and strive to maintain the privacy of your personal information. We have created this Privacy Policy to help you understand how we collect, use and protect your information when you visit our web and WAP sites and use our products and services.
    就本政策而言,“个人信息”是任何 information that relates to a natural person which, either by itself or can be used in combination with any other information available Geojit,用来识别这类人. Sensitive personal data or 资讯科技规则3所界定的资料(合理的保安) practices 及程序和敏感的个人资料或信息) 2011 has been considered as a part of personal information.
    Geojit may collect and hold personal information relating to you and your identity that you have provided to us, such as on an application or Know Your Client (KYC) and member-client forms. 当您使用皇冠手机app的服务时,皇冠手机app也可能会收集您的个人信息 services or websites or otherwise interact with us during the course of our relationship.
    Personal information collected and held by us may include, amongst other 你父亲的名字,配偶的名字,日期 出生、居住及通讯地址(现时及 previous), telephone number, mobile phone number, email address, education and occupation related details and information contained in the documents used as proof of identity and proof of address and bank account. Geojit collect, store, process Sensitive Personal Information, including password, financial 资料(年收入,净资产,皇冠组合,银行 account, 借记卡,或其他支付工具详情),存托凭证 details. 皇冠手机app也可能保留有关您使用皇冠手机app的信息 services which may include your call details, your browsing history on our website and additional information provided by you while using our services any other information collected in relation to your use of our products and services ("information").
    核实你的身份和处理你的 applications/forms/agreements.
    Process transactions/orders effectively for products and services.
    Inform about our and our group companies' products and services which we consider may be of interest to you and may benefit you.
    Deal and respond with requests, enquiries or complaints and 其他与客户关怀相关的活动.
    General administrative, research and business purposes
    Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. Geojit shall ensure that the personal information collected will be used only to the extent it is necessary to administer our 以最好的方式提供服务 required 根据印度法律的各种规定.
    In case you do not provide your information or consent for usage of personal information or later on withdraw your consent for usage of the personal information so collected, Geojit reserves the right to not provide the services or to withdraw the services for which, the said information was sought.
    There may be certain circumstances, when Geojit may be required to share the information given by you with the third parties. 皇冠手机app可能会转移您的个人信息或敏感个人 information collected, stored, processed by us to any other entity or organization located in India or outside India only in case it is necessary for providing 服务于您或协助保护运行 Geojit 网络和系统,或您已同意(在 collection of information) to the same.
    We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained by imposing strict confidentiality standards on all the third parties with whom we part these information. 在任何情况下,皇冠手机app都将保证贵方 personal 资料受严格保密协议保护. We shall 不允许任何第三方保留您的个人信息 longer than what is warranted by the nature of services rendered.
    皇冠手机app也会将您的个人信息传递给您 required to 根据法律向任何政府披露 机构或管理机构或法院或任何适当的当局.
    Geojit adopt reasonable security practices and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, 或者在皇冠手机app控制下的披露. Our security practices and procedures limit access to personal information on need-only basis. Further, our employees are bound by Internal Code of Conduct and Confidentiality 使他们有义务保护的机密性的策略 personal information.
    皇冠手机app采取适当措施,确保皇冠手机app的第三方采用 reasonable level of security practices and procedures to ensure security of personal information. We may retain your personal information for as long as required to provide you with services or if otherwise required under any law.
    与通过网络进行的电子交易有关的信息 this Website will be protected by encryption technology. 你也有责任保守你的秘密 passwords and/or any account information.
    皇冠手机app维护皇冠手机app的网络连接的安全,然而,因为 reasons outside of our control, security risks may still arise. 任何传送给皇冠手机app或从皇冠手机app的网上的个人资料 products or services will therefore be your own risk. However, we will 努力确保您的信息安全. We observe reasonable 保护您的个人信息免受侵害的安全措施 hacking and virus dissemination.
    请注意Geojit网站可能包含第三方链接 皇冠手机app无法控制的连结/网站. It is 强烈建议当你访问一个非Geojit website, 你应该经常阅读他们的隐私政策或网站条款 conditions -尤其是当你考虑向他们提供你的 personal information.
    We are committed to safeguard your personal information collected and handled by us and look forward to your continued support for the same. 如果有任何反馈或担忧 protection 关于您的个人信息,您可以通过jojy@geojit与皇冠手机app联系.com. Alternatively, you may also direct your privacy-related feedback or concerns ,其详细资料如上文所述 below:
    Jojy P.Joy
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Email: jojy@carlocksmithtacoma.com
    Contact no: 0484 2901276
    Mobile: 9995800024
    Geojit reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time, as and when the need arises. We request you to visit our website www.carlocksmithtacoma.com periodically for contemporary information and changes.
符合行业标准 & 实践和皇冠手机app的业务要求, our 员工在经济上受到激励 或者,对于通过各种金融产品产生的业务 & services offered. However, we do not have an incentive structure that encourages sale of products 这与你的利益相冲突. Earnest efforts have been made to introduce the most comprehensive products & 服务,维护客户的最大利益 in mind. This disclosure is being made voluntarily, towards our initiative to eliminate conflict of interest situations.
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