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Deep understand of Insurance
Deep understanding
将近20年的金融产品分销经验, 是否帮助皇冠手机app对保险在人的生活中的需要和重要性有了更深的了解. 皇冠手机app利用这一认识帮助您选择最适合您需求的保险计划.
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You are the priority at Geojit. 拥有超过330个分支机构的网络和专门的客户支持团队, every issue is promptly solved.
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像保险这样重要的事情需要信誉. At Geojit, 皇冠手机app的认证员工会根据您的目标为您提供理想和最适合的保险计划, obligations and risk profile.
Life insurance Plans
Life insurance
There are plenty of risks to the life of an individual. None of them can be eliminated, but the impact caused by them can be managed. These days Life insurance has become a necessity for ensuring family’s financial stability. 人寿保险在不确定情况下的赔偿, acts as a financial cushion for your family, in your absence and ensures all the life goals are met. 它还有助于保障孩子的未来,并保护家庭免受贷款负担(如果有的话). 税收优惠:在该年度内缴纳的人寿保险费可享受一定限度的税收减免. The payout or the maturity proceeds (as the case may be) are tax-exempt as well.
best health Insurance plans
Health insurance
With the cost of medical services rising steadily, 得到高质量的治疗会让你的口袋烧个洞. Health insurance helps you manage the expenses incurred in the event of a health emergency. 税收优惠:为自己和/或父母支付的健康保险保费有资格获得税收减免,这可以降低您的税收责任.
General Insurance
General Insurance
它需要一生的时间来获得物质资产和财产. 一个小事故就足以损坏你的贵重物品. General insurance helps you get the monetary compensation in case your possessions get lost, stolen or damaged. 最著名的一般保险计划包括汽车保险, Home insurance, Travel insurance, etc. 减少压力,带来心灵的平静有保险带来一种保护意识,从经济危机的风险, 在这种时候,能让你心情平静,减轻压力.
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Life insurance
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
PNB Metlife Life Insurance Company
HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited
Health insurance
ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company
Star Health Insurance Company
General Insurance
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company
GoDigit General Insurance Company
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